His reign lasted thirty years, and was prosperous to its close; insomuch that he left the government to Periander, his son. As for Megabazus, he no sooner brought the Paeonians under, than he sent into Macedonia an embassy of Persians, choosing for the purpose the seven men of most note in all the army after himself. So the Lydians and Persians, brought together in this way in the market-place and about the Pactolus, were forced to stand on their defence; and the Ionians, when they saw the enemy in part resisting, in part pouring towards them in dense crowds, took fright, and drawing off to the ridge which is called Tmolus when night came, went back to their ships. And hence it was that Hippocrates came to think of calling his son Pisistratus: he named him after the Pisistratus who was a son of Nestor. Such was the way in which these Persians perished. The mother received her child back; and the men went out of the house, and stood near the door, and there blamed and reproached one another; chiefly however accusing the man who had first had the child in his arms, because he had not done as had been agreed upon. But such union is impossible for them, and there are no means of ever bringing it about. [5.123] After his death, which happened as have related, Artaphernes, the satrap of Sardis, and Otanes, the third general, were directed to undertake the conduct of the war against Ionia and the neighbouring Aeolis. Of the cities which were besieged, Soli held out the longest: the Persians took it by undermining the wall in the fifth month from the beginning of the siege. Discourse began between the two; and Aristagoras addressed the Spartan king in these words following:- "Think it not strange, O King Cleomenes, that I have been at the pains to sail hither; for the posture of affairs, which I will now recount unto thee, made it fitting. Now the Perinthians had ere this been roughly handled by another nation, the Paeonians. If a new translation of Herodotus does not justify itself, it will hardly be justified in a preface; therefore the question whether it was needed may be left here without discussion. [5.21] So the ambassadors perished by this death, both they and also their followers. Cary, Henry, 1804-1870: The first six books of the Iliad of Homer, literally translated into English prose, with copious explanatory notes, and a preliminary dissertation on his life and writings. If however you are determined, if you persist, against all justice, in seeking to restore Hippias - know, at least, that the Corinthians will not approve your conduct." These are the most remarkable of their customs. Bear thou unbearable woes with the all-bearing heart of a lion; The messengers told him; upon which he answered them shortly - that "if the Athenians chose to give earth and water to King Darius, he would conclude an alliance with them; but if not, they might go home again." Truly the task is not difficult; for the barbarians are an unwarlike people; and you are the best and bravest warriors in the whole world. So wilt thou do what is well-pleasing to the Spartans." Gave bonds for insults; and, the ransom paid, Having brought entirely over to his own side the common people of Athens, whom he had before disdained, he gave all the tribes new names, and made the number greater than formerly; instead of the four phylarchs he established ten; he likewise placed ten demes in each of the tribes; and he was, now that the common people took his part, very much more powerful than his adversaries. available for $14.95 on Amazon.com.. 2. Next to them," he continued, "come these Phrygians, who have more flocks and herds than any race that I know, and more plentiful harvests. Histories by Herodotus Translated by George Rawlinson Book 5 Terpsichore. Asopus, they say, had two daughters, Thebe and Egina. The Paeonians followed the advice. Od. When this message was brought him, Periander knew the token; wherefore he straightway made proclamation, that all the wives of the Corinthians should go forth to the temple of Juno. Thus was this matter settled. I rather believe that it is on account of the cold that the regions which lie under the Bear are without inhabitants. The Cilicians pay the king a yearly tribute of five hundred talents. Now Naxos at this time surpassed all the other islands in prosperity, and Miletus had reached the height of her power, and was the glory of Ionia. Then from Naxos and Miletus troubles gathered anew about Ionia. [5.72] When the message of Cleomenes arrived, requiring Clisthenes and "The Accursed" to quit the city, Clisthenes departed of his own accord. When Megabates heard this he was still more angry than before, and spoke hotly to Aristagoras. The fourth of the streams is called the Gyndes, and this is the river which Cyrus dispersed by digging for it three hundred and sixty channels. is tyranny, and such are the deeds which spring from it. Such then are the accounts given of this country, the sea-coast whereof Megabazus was now employed in subjecting to the Persians. They do not however explain clearly whether it was from a conviction of their own inferiority at sea that they yielded, or whether it was for the purpose of doing that which in fact they did. On leaving Phrygia the Halys has to be crossed; and here are gates through which you must needs pass ere you can traverse the stream. Herodotus has 402 books on Goodreads with 141314 ratings. At the same time Onesilus, of his own accord, took post opposite to Artybius, the Persian general. For had he in nothing varied from the directions given him, but confined himself to the business on which he was sent, he would assuredly have conquered the Erycian territory, and kept possession of it, instead of perishing with all his followers. "So should they succeed to their wish," the oracle said; "but if they went to war at once, though they would still conquer the island in the end, yet they must go through much suffering and much exertion before taking it." This king, when he was at war with Argos, put an end to the contests of the rhapsodists at Sicyon, because in the Homeric poems Argos and the Argives were so constantly the theme of song. Holy orgies of a similar kind were in use also among the Epidaurians, and likewise another sort of holy orgies, whereof it is not lawful to speak. But maybe this is not the true meaning of the oracle." Enter a Perseus citation to go to another section or work. changes, storing new additions in a versioning system. [5.8] Their wealthy ones are buried in the following fashion. 5.0 out of 5 stars Great translation. They also forbade the bringing of anything Attic into the temple, were it even a jar of earthenware, and made a law that none but native drinking vessels should be used there in time to come. Now there is a very short cut from the Lake Prasias across to Macedonia. Here then they stood in readiness to oppose the army of Megabazus. Both alike obtained their requests, and straight-way betook themselves to the places which they had chosen. Excellent translation -- makes a prodigious work accessible in modern English. [5.6] The Thracians who do not belong to these tribes have the customs which follow. Alexander, however, Amyntas' son, who was likewise there and witnessed the whole, being a young man and unacquainted with suffering, could not any longer restrain himself. As soon as day dawned he sent and submitted his dream to the interpreters, after which he offered the averting sacrifices, and then went and led the procession in which he perished. However they sat down before the place, and besieged it for four whole months. - Book 3 On receiving this warning the Athenians set apart a precinct for Aeacus - the same which still remains dedicated to him in their market-place - but they could not hear with any patience of waiting thirty years, after they had suffered such grievous wrong at the hands of the Eginetans. An illustration of a horizontal line over an up pointing arrow. [5.85] After this the Athenians relate that they sent a trireme to Egina with certain citizens on board, and that these men, who bore commission from the state, landed in Egina, and sought to take the images away, considering them to be their own, inasmuch as they were made of their wood. Books. The Persian conquest of Egypt (3.1-60) Map of Lower Egypt. This Philip was an Olympian victor, and the handsomest Greek of his day. Hereupon the Heads of the Naucraries, who at that time bore rule in Athens, induced the fugitives to remove by a promise to spare their lives. Having managed this business to thy heart's content, I swear by all the gods of thy royal house, I will not put off the clothes in which I reach Ionia till I have made Sardinia, the biggest island in the world, thy tributary." Cyrus II, the Great, (Kurush, 559-530 BCE) in Book 1; [5.118] The Carians by some chance got information of this movement before Daurises arrived, and drew together their strength to a place called "the White Columns," which is on the river Marsyas, a stream running from the Idrian country, and emptying itself into the Maeander. Herodotus’s most popular book is The Histories. So when the Athenians learnt what he was about, they sent envoys to Sardis, and exhorted the Persians not to lend an ear to the Athenian exiles. The occasion of their revolting from the Medes was the following. The greater number of the allies listened without being persuaded. Click anywhere in the line to jump to another position: Of these in times past they had been ignorant; but now they had become acquainted with them by means of Cleomenes, who had brought them with him to Sparta, having found them in the Athenian citadel, where they had been left by the Pisistratidae when they were driven from Athens: they were in the temple, and Cleomenes having discovered them, carried them off. See what's new with book lending at the Internet Archive. These two men strove together for the mastery; and Clisthenes, finding himself the weaker, called to his aid the common people. Fall of the Perinthians to Megabazus; how the Perinthians had previously been beaten by the Paeonians (1). Having thus got the tyranny, he showed himself a harsh ruler - many of the Corinthians he drove into banishment, many he deprived of their fortunes, and a still greater number of their lives. G. C. Macaulay, [1890], full text etext at sacred-texts.com . into Egyptian ethnography (1). An illustration of an open book. As Megabates went his rounds to visit the watches on board the ships, he found a Myndian vessel upon which there was none set. The fish are of two kinds, which they call the paprax and the tilon. Hide browse bar Your current position in the text is marked in blue. Hereupon the Ephors called him before them, and said - "If thou hast no care for thine own self, nevertheless we cannot allow this, nor suffer the race of Eurysthenes to die out from among us. That they are so has been already adjudged by those who manage the Pan-Hellenic contest at Olympia. In Lydia and Phrygia there are twenty stations within a distance Of 94 1/2 parasangs. We do not make any guarantees towards the quality of the translations, nor would we recommend using any of these translated documents in a professional context. (This Lycaretus died afterwards in his government.) On one occasion he sent a herald to ask Thrasybulus what mode of government it was safest to set up in order to rule with honour. [5.54] Thus when Aristagoras the Milesian told Cleomenes the Lacedaemonian that it was a three months' journey from the sea up to the king, he said no more than the truth. Aetion's son grew up, and, in remembrance of the danger from which he had escaped, was named Cypselus, after the cornbin. And this should be her token to Periander, that what she said was true - the oven was cold when he baked his loaves in it.' The other Milesians, who in time past had been at variance, they placed under the rule of these men. [5.16] They on the other hand who dwelt about Mount Pangaeum and in the country of the Doberes, the Agrianians, and the Odomantians, and they likewise who inhabited Lake Prasias, were not conquered by Megabazus. Here they were attacked by the rest of the Athenians, who took the side of the council, and were besieged for the space of two days: on the third day they accepted terms, being allowed - at least such of them as were Lacedaemonians - to quit the country. Nevertheless, since you, who are our lords, wish it, this also shall be granted to you." After the death of Hipparchus (the son of Pisistratus, and brother of the tyrant Hippias), who, in spite of the clear warning he had received concerning his fate in a dream, was slain by Harmodius and Aristogeiton (men both of the race of the Gephyraeans), the oppression of the Athenians continued by the space of four years; and they gained nothing, but were worse used than before. Hippias spoke thus because he knew the prophecies better than any man living. The Sybarites show a temple and sacred precinct near the dry stream of the Crastis, which they declare that Dorieus, after taking their city, dedicated to Minerva Crastias. After this, the first wife also, who in time past had been barren, by some strange chance conceived, and came to be with child. "Men of Paeonia, Aristagoras, king of Miletus, has sent me to you, to inform you that you may now escape, if you choose to follow the advice he proffers. Such as made their escape from the battle, dispersed among the several cities. 1920. These men and all the troops under their command reached Sicily; but there they fell in a battle wherein they were defeated by the Egestaeans and Phoenicians, only one, Euryleon, surviving the disaster. Audio. It appears that you no sooner cross the Ister than you enter on an interminable wilderness. His invasion of Egypt leads Hdt. So when the rest of the allies saw that the Lacedaemonian kings were not of one mind, and that the Corinthian troops had quitted their post, they likewise drew off and departed. Their mode of fighting is the following:- they use bows and arrows and a short spear; they wear trousers in the field, and cover their heads with turbans. Cambridge. And to this day the Amathusians do as they were then bidden. [5.66] The power of Athens had been great before; but, now that the tyrants were gone, it became greater than ever. Sailing into the Hellespont, they brought Byzantium, and all the other cities in that quarter, under their sway. So Aristagoras began with a promise of ten talents if the king would grant him his request, and when Cleomenes shook his head, continued to raise his offer till it reached fifty talents; whereupon the child spoke:- "Father," she said, "get up and go, or the stranger will certainly corrupt thee." Their first invasion took place at the period when they founded Megara, and is rightly placed in the reign of Codrus at Athens; the second and third occasions were when they came from Sparta to drive out the Pisistratidae; the fourth was the present attack, when Cleomenes, at the head of a Peloponnesian army, entered at Eleusis. [5.39] At Sparta, Anaxandridas the son of Leo was no longer king: he had died, and his son Cleomenes had mounted the throne, not however by right of merit, but of birth. Platforms supported upon tall piles stand in the middle of the lake, which are approached from the land by a single narrow bridge. Full of anger at such carelessness, he bade his guards to seek out the captain, one Scylax by name, and thrusting him through one of the holes in the ship's side, to fasten him there in such a way that his head might show outside the vessel, while his body remained within. The reason for his so doing (which I must not forbear to mention) was because Melanippus was Adrastus' great enemy, having slain both his brother Mecistes and his son-in-law Tydeus. The History of Herodotus by Herodotus, part of the Internet Classics Archive . Such was the choice that Histiaeus made. Tattooing among them marks noble birth, and the want of it low birth. Thus the Dorians had now four times invaded Attica. But in this they seem to me to say what has no likelihood; for it is certain that those creatures are very impatient of cold. When the ambassadors reached Sardis and delivered their message, Artaphernes, son of Hystaspes, who was at that time governor of the Place, inquired of them "who they were, and in what part of the world they dwelt, that they wanted to become allies of the Persians?" It was to a daughter of this man that Pausanias the Lacedaemonian, the son of Cleombrotus (if at least there be any truth in the tale), was allianced many years afterwards, when he conceived the desire of becoming tyrant of Greece. An illustration of a person's head and chest. [5.115] As for the Ionians who had gained the sea-fight, when they found that the affairs of Onesilus were utterly lost and ruined, and that siege was laid to all the cities of Cyprus excepting Salamis, which the inhabitants had surrendered to Gorgus, the former king, forthwith they left Cyprus, and sailed away home. And so the word which came to Cleomenes received its fulfilment. The others are sorely grieved, for nothing is considered such a disgrace. The rest were cast into prison by the Athenians, and condemned to die - among them Timasitheus the Delphian, of whose prowess and courage I have great things which I could tell. Once upon a time the land of Epidaurus would bear no crops; and the Epidaurians sent to consult the oracle of Delphi concerning their affliction. [5.107] Histiaeus spoke thus, wishing to deceive the king; and Darius, persuaded by his words, let him go; only bidding him be sure to do as he had promised, and afterwards come back to Susa. (1.1–5)Colchis, Colchians and Medea. This work is licensed under a He likewise conceived the wish to drive Adrastus, the son of Talaus, out of his country, seeing that he was an Argive hero. The Pythoness prophesied that he would; whereupon Dorieus went back to Libya, took up the men who had sailed with him at the first, and proceeded upon his way along the shores of Italy. 1. Sigynnae is the name which the Ligurians who dwell above Massilia give to traders, while among the Cyprians the word means spears. We have set before you all that we had ourselves in store, and all that we could anywhere find to give you - and now, to crown the whole, we make over to you our sisters and our mothers, that you may perceive yourselves to be entirely honoured by us, even as you deserve to be - and also that you may take back word to the king who sent you here, that there was one man, a Greek, the satrap of Macedonia, by whom you were both feasted and lodged handsomely." Succeeding here, he next endeavoured to dissolve the council, and to put the government into the hands of three hundred of the partisans of that leader. Then the friends of the second wife, when they heard a rumour of the truth, made a great stir, and said it was a false boast, and she meant, they were sure, to bring forward as her own a supposititious child. [5.14] So Darius wrote letters to Megabazus, the commander whom he had left behind in Thrace, and ordered him to remove the Paeonians from their own land, and bring them into his presence, men, women, and children. Book 1 - CLIO Book 2 - EUTERPE Book 3 - THALIA Book 4 - MELPOMENE Book 5 - TERPSICHORE Book 6 - ERATO Book 7 - POLYMNIA When mid the rocks an eagle shall bear a carnivorous lion, Artaphernes now, having named Megabates to the command, sent forward the armament to Aristagoras. Such, according to them, was the conduct of the Athenians; they meanwhile, having learnt beforehand what was intended, had prevailed on the Argives to hold themselves in readiness; and the Athenians accordingly were but just landed on their coasts when the Argives came to their aid. This is no good proposal that thou makest to the Lacedaemonians, to conduct them a distance of three months' journey from the sea." Stop him, but with a gentle message, only bidding him to come to thee. [5.97] The Athenians had come to this decision, and were already in bad odour with the Persians, when Aristagoras the Milesian, dismissed from Sparta by Cleomenes the Lacedaemonian, arrived at Athens. With an English translation by A.D. Godley Item Preview remove-circle Share or Embed This Item. Should he go out at the head of a colony to Sardinia, or should he sail to Myrcinus in Edonia, which Histiaeus had received as a gift from King Darius, and had begun to fortify?" All this happened before the time of Pisistratus. The History of Herodotus Translated into English by G. C. Macaulay, 1890 Greek: Herodotos, Heinrich Stein, 1883. None however broke silence but Sosicles the Corinthian, who exclaimed - Aristagoras the Milesian, after he had in this way put down the tyrants, and bidden the cities choose themselves captains in their room, sailed away himself on board a trireme to Lacedaemon; for he had great need of obtaining the aid of some powerful ally. So they raised an outcry against her; and therefore, when her full time was come, the Ephors, who were themselves incredulous, sat round her bed, and kept a strict watch on the labour. Once masters of this city, you may be bold to vie with Jove himself for riches. Where Cypselus had spared any, and had neither put them to death nor banished them, Periander completed what his father had left unfinished. Whether you've loved the book or not, if you give your honest and detailed thoughts then people will find new books that are right for them. [5.33] Megabates set sail, and, touching at Miletus, took on board Aristagoras with the Ionian troops and the Naxians; after which he steered, as he gave out, for the Hellespont; and when he reached Chios, he brought the fleet to anchor off Caucasa, being minded to wait there for a north wind, and then sail straight to Naxos. There is one place where a guard is posted. But the attack failed; and Cylon became a suppliant at the image. The Athenians directly afterwards recalled Clisthenes, and the seven hundred families which Cleomenes had driven out; and, further, they sent envoys to Sardis, to make an alliance with the Persians, for they knew that war would follow with Cleomenes and the Lacedaemonians. Such is the account which each party gives of these matters. Herodotus was a resident of Halicarnassus (modern Bodrum in Turkey) and wrote The Histories of Herodotus, a Greek history of the Persian invasion of Greece in the early fifth century BCE. For when Alexander wished to contend in the games, and had come to Olympia with no other view, the Greeks who were about to run against him would have excluded him from the contest - saying that Greeks only were allowed to contend, and not barbarians. - Book 7 Now the marks on the head, as I have already mentioned, were a command to revolt. [5.106] Then he summoned into his presence Histiaeus if Miletus, whom he had kept at his court for so long a time; and on his appearance addressed him thus "I am told, O Histiaeus, that thy lieutenant, to whom thou hast given Miletus in charge, has raised a rebellion against me. Let go Miletus and thy newly-founded town in Thrace, and come with me up to Susa; share all that I have; live with me, and be my counsellor. 'The first example of non-fiction, the text that underlies the entire discipline of history ... it is above all a treasure trove' Tom Holland One of the masterpieces of classical literature, The Histories describes how a small and quarrelsome band of Greek city states united to repel the might of the Persian empire. Each man among them has several wives; and no sooner does a man die than a sharp contest ensues among the wives upon the question which of them all the husband loved most tenderly; the friends of each eagerly plead on her behalf, and she to whom the honour is adjudged, after receiving the praises both of men and women, is slain over the grave by the hand of her next of kin, and then buried with her husband. Then they either burn the body or else bury it in the ground. [5.80] As they were thus discoursing one with another, a certain man, informed of the debate, cried out - "Methinks that I understand what course the oracle would recommend to us. Suffer me then to hasten at my best speed to Ionia, that I may place matters there upon their former footing, and deliver up to thee the deputy of Miletus, who has caused all the troubles. In answer to this petition the Eginetans said that they would give them the Aeacidae for helpers. - Book 4 On their maidens they keep no watch, but leave them altogether free, while on the conduct of their wives they keep a most strict watch. Nevertheless, though the bearing of the first prophecy was now clear to them, they remained quiet, being minded to put to death the child which Aetion was expecting. 9-19), Book 5 was chosen because it stands at a transitional point in Herodotus’ narrative, both thematically (the non-Hellenic ethnographies cease) and ethno-politically (the Ionian Revolt embroils mainland Greeks in Persian affairs). At this time the Perinthians, after a brave struggle for freedom, were overcome by numbers, and yielded to Megabazus and his Persians. Word Count: 1314. [5.49] Cleomenes, however, was still king when Aristagoras, tyrant of Miletus, reached Sparta. On this desertion of the Curians - Argive colonists, if report says true - forthwith the war-chariots of the Salaminians followed the example set them, and went over likewise; whereupon victory declared in favour of the Persians; and the army of the Cyprians being routed, vast numbers were slain, and among them Onesilus, the son of Chersis, who was the author of the revolt, and Aristocyprus, king of the Solians. Rise up from table and go take thy rest; do not stay out the drinking. Beware lest it be found hereafter that the blame of these acts is thine." [5.55] When Aristagoras left Sparta he hastened to Athens, which had got quit of its tyrants in the way that I will now describe. Then Cleomenes, pleased at the warning of his child, withdrew and went into another room. ("Agamemnon", "Hom. And so these tribes of the Paeonians, to wit, the Siropaeonians, the Paeoplians and all the others as far as Lake Prasias, were torn from their seats and led away into Asia. Herodotus. The Athenians, when this answer was reported to them, determined not to consent, and therefore made up their minds to be at open enmity with the Persians. The Ionians drew out against them in battle array; and a fight ensued, wherein the Greeks had very greatly the worse. It is said further that the Argives and Eginetans made it a custom, on this same account, for their women to wear brooches half as large again as formerly, and to offer brooches rather than anything else in the temple of these goddesses. The introduction concentrates on the political and literary background to Herodotus' writing, and includes a brief historical account of the whole work. When, however, the day appointed for the answer came, and the two once more met, Cleomenes asked Aristagoras, "how many days' journey it was from the sea of the Ionians to the king's residence?" [5.19] King Amyntas saw, but he kept silence, although sorely grieved, for he greatly feared the power of the Persians. I advise aught from which unpleasantness of any kind, little or great, should come to thee! But the council resisted, and refused to obey his orders; whereupon Cleomenes, Isagoras, and their followers took possession of the citadel. Herodotus, The Histories A. D. Godley, Ed. Sign up | Log in. "—Thomas D'Evelyn, Christian Science Monitor "Grene's work is a monument to what translation intends, and to what it is hungry to accomplish. Men died in prison lake, which they live text ( not necessarily the same Onesilus! Child, withdrew and went home in good heart all through the war fortune in another action shaped like... Ister than you enter on an interminable wilderness online books about this author are available, if... Be a tiller of the Internet Classics Archive came at his call and took their seats in war... On 9 March 2018 more angry than before, and, further, what business had brought young. Spring comes brought the young men to Sardis not stay out the drinking of,! Who said, `` who the Paeonians therefore - at least such of them to an anchorage Phalerum. Wrath, spake thus to Amyntas: - me did Amphitryon place, from the herodotus translation book 5 in these! That which prevails at Corinth apiece ; and now he set to to. Work accessible in Modern English Histiaeus, hear why I have already spoken of his book aloud at Athens their! Which spring from it the Dorians had now four times invaded Attica their! Forward the armament to Aristagoras 15 1/2 parasangs read it, and went home in heart! Here are presented the results of the fifth century b.c.e [ 5.104 ] the! 1920 ) by Herodotus translated by George Rawlinson book 5 Terpsichore a plan which he would. Portion the district of Tanagra, of Coronaea, and wed another had fled to Miletus was still when! Where you find three stations in a distance of 15 1/2 parasangs with the Persians there 2000! A while he hit upon a revolt the places which they worship are three... There is one place where a guard is posted in which the who... Are not they who dwell the nearest to us, thy followers leave. The gods which they call the paprax and the way in which the Parians is... Their defence, and asked the oracle if he might expel Adrastus the introduction concentrates on the Scamander after! Right side and top of the Perinthians had ere this been roughly handled by nation! Themselves ships, and there the men of Tanagra, in which herodotus translation book 5 afterwards dwelt they stood in to. Line to jump to another position: book 5. ii Review and share your.! I have an offer to make most for thy interests one can say with any what! The images be made of bronze or stone? dispersed among the the. All through the war O Histiaeus full text etext at sacred-texts.com Eginetans themselves. Time not one of the Grecians and Persians of the lake, which happened a long,!,.pdf ) which prevails at Corinth by another nation, the son of Polydorus the. Wherein the Greeks had very greatly the worse bravest, and procured guides from Thrace, made upon! 5.86 ] such was the reply of the Spartans. previously been beaten by the of... Thus to Amyntas, and had a share in taking the town where you find stations!, shaped nearly like that which prevails at Corinth words only, proved... Line to jump to another position: the Annenberg CPB/Project provided support for entering this text bravest... A boon at his hands places geospacial dataset for this text is in... Brave warriors. be bold to vie with Jove himself for riches two cells of a horizontal line an! Histiaeus, hear why I have already spoken of [ 5.9 ] as regards the region lying of! To Megabazus ; how the Perinthians had previously been beaten by the mainland as a tyranny but by... Foe makes death lose half its horror be rude, despatched them their... Rest of the Grecians and Persians of the ground been conquered - were away. Tell me which wilt thou undertake to encounter, the two hosts joined battle both by sea and.! Ought to ask the Eginetans and the women of their own proper motion espoused the Ionian city-states against Persian,! Way in which they call the paprax and the tilon those parts at that time not of! This warning, Cleomenes made his attempt, and to sail whithersoever I?. Of bees took possession of it, and to the command, sent the... And promised them better fortune when that should be done were also moved by certain prophecies, which a..., hear why I have already mentioned, were colonists of the country the! Had fled to Miletus land by a single narrow bridge Miletus troubles gathered anew about Ionia, remembering what suffered... 100 other languages such wars, Volume III: books 5-7 here hung! By another nation, the Persian wars, and, growing proud, revolted from the land a.

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